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Business consulting

MGI Audicon & Partners is constantly committed to help our clients optimise their resources and business processes through financial assessment reports, business plan review and consulting solutions.

All of our reports are drafted by independent experts.


Business consulting

  • Increase and reduction in capital
    Assessment in capital increase or capital decrease operations, whether voluntary or compulsory.
  • Voluntary or mandatory insolvency proceedings
    Preparation of mandatory insolvency proceedings’ application. Declaration of voluntary insolvency by debtor’s request or by creditor’s request.
  • Merger projects
    Assessment of merger projects in undertakings
  • Roll-overs of debt
    Negotiation of refinancing agreement with creditors and especially with financial institutions
  • Contributions in kind
    Fulfilment of all necessary arrangements required to ensure in-kind contributions.
  • Official grants
    Drafting all mandatory reports necessary in order to obtain official grants.