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MGI Audicon & Partners’ staff is a team of highly qualified professionals with a strong academic background and extensive experience in economy, finance, accounting, management, control and law of public bodies and private undertakings

People, our major value


The combination of talent and commitment of our experts is one of our strengths when adding value to our services. In MGI Audicon & Partners we are committed to giving our staff the necessary training and coaching that will allow them to achieve success.

We consider the career development of our staff key to ensure the proper functioning of our firm. In MGI Audicon & Partners we love what we do and our work teams make the most of themselves in order to meet the demands of the market. That is why we believe in the importance of offering our staff the maximum well-being.

We believe in internal promotion, and therefore we continue growing thanks to our increasingly highly trained staff. There are many who started as stagiaires and have stayed ever since with us, gaining experience and maturity and learning from the best professionals in every field we cover.

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Meet our partners

Our partners are highly involved in every of the business areas, being part of the professional teams which conform our firm and always maintaining contact with clients.

Closeness enables our partners to grow with our clients, who receive at all times personal attention.

Manuel Conesa
Manuel ConesaManaging Partner of MGI Audicon & Partners
Isabel López
Isabel LópezPartner of MGI Audicon & Partners
Elisa Cañas Ruiz
Elisa Cañas RuizPartner of MGI Audicon & Partners
David Moreno
David MorenoPartner of MGI Audicon & Partners