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Legal and forensic

We assist in an independent manner dispute resolutions and judicial or non-judicial conflicts   of economic or financial nature. We are experts in analysing, assessing and preventing irregularities in order to grant the proper management of an undertaking.

Legal counsel

  • Commercial and corporate law
    We assist many companies in all legal matters related to their business, offering a close monitoring for each of its phases and providing legal advice in the conduction of corporate transactions.
  • Civil Law
    We provide legal advice in contractual matters, urban leases, claims for payment, real estate issues and different proceedings related to family law.
  • Labour Law
    Our labour team is specialised in addressing all kind of issues related to Labour Law that may affect the undertaking, providing expert assessment and offering innovative solutions to the multiple labour situations that may arise from the day-to-day life of any business.
  • Public law
    We provide legal assistance with the filing of administrative appeals, mainly in the field of tax law, as well as with the drafting of writs and pleadings before the Public Administration.
  • Data Protection Law
    We offer legal coverage in Data Protection matters, offering legal advice on the implementation of comprehensive data protection systems and on the implementation of measures aiming to make the enterprise operations consistent with the legislative developments on this matter; as well as preventing any adverse proceedings before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Bankruptcy law
    Our multidisciplinary team consists of specialised economists and jurists with expertise in responding to queries and solving needs in the area of bankruptcy law; area of a particular relevance in the last few years.


  • Economic and tax forensics
    Issuance of economic-financial forensic reports to be filed in Court. Verification of accounting documents, financial statements, company valuation, claims for consequential damage and loss of profits, real estate valuation.