Without a clear prognosis of the consequences that one of these characteristics will have, one thing is certain, the fall of the stock market indexes around the world, with accumulated declines in the last period of between 30% and 40%, is a first factual data that we can have of the importance of the issues that are coming for the world economy.

Most of the experts who have dared to comment on the situation, predict that we face a tough crisis but with a certain transience between weeks and months, which will involve a hard blow that our companies will have to face in the most intelligent and bold way, since in the exit, there will be the difference.

But what impact will this crisis have on the management of the company, and what measures can be taken in the face of such expectations?

Treasury: it seems clear that crises bring a dissonant note to the reality that many companies experience on a daily basis: lack of care for the cash flow as a priority element in the operation of the business. The past crisis already focused on this element, which we could now compare with the health system: if you don’t take care of it and don’t maintain its optimal levels, it is impossible to survive without it.

Cash management is going to be more critical than ever in the coming months, which is why customized business strategies for each specific case will make the difference, limiting non-essential expenses and investments.